Commercial storage
September 11, 2020

Commercial Storage: Does Your Business Need It?

Do you know if your business needs commercial storage? Odds are it probably does. Fairless Hills Self Storage has a facility just north of Levittown PA that offers temperature-controlled and drive-up storage to help you excel your business.

Why Would Your Business Need Storage?

Everyone could use a little more storage space. You can organize your files and invoices. Your storage unit can hold furniture from your shop or office until you need it again. And most importantly, it will keep clutter around your store or workspace to a minimum.
Commercial storage is especially handy if your business is just starting up, growing, or moving. Do not let your business take over your house just because you are managing it from home. Reclaim your space, and store with Fairless Hills Storage

Who Uses Commercial Storage?

The truth is that any business would benefit from commercial storage, even if you only need an extra closet’s worth of space. It is an affordable storage option, and Fairless Self Storage’s month-by-month leasing give you flexibility.

Home Improvement Services

Lawn and home services, painters, and construction crews are all professions that come with a decent amount of tools and materials. But you do not need everything for one job. Keep what you need in your truck, and store what is leftover in a nearby storage unit. If you have an upcoming job near Fairless Hills PA, check out our available units for storage your whole team can access.

E-Commerce Businesses

Just because you run your business from home does not mean your house has to become your warehouse. Organize your inventory and your supplies in commercial storage, and access it when orders come in. You can also set up filing cabinets in a storage unit to keep track of your invoices and important documents.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Decorate the store of your dreams with the extra space you’ll have after renting a storage unit. Keep seasonal items, extra inventory, and extra furniture/displays tucked away out of your shop until you need them again. Cycle decorations in and out as trends change. With extra storage, you can create a shop that you and your customers will love.

Excel Your Business with Fairless Hills Self Storage

Fairless Hills Self Storage has all the tools you need to help take your business to the next level. We offer drive-up and temperature-controlled storage units near Fairless Hills PA and Levittown PA. Our secure storage facility has cameras monitoring 24/7. If you need help determining a storage unit size, call our office to speak to one of our experts, or reference our storage calculator. Rent commercial storage with Fairless Hills Self Storage today, or reserve a storage unit for future use!