Holiday Decoration Storage Fairless Hills PA
January 8, 2021

Holiday Decoration Storage Tips & Tricks

You spent so much time putting up your holiday decorations that when comes time to put them away, it can feel like a huge task to undertake. Fairless Hills Self Storage is here to make it and other organizational projects easy with self storage. You can store all your holiday items away until next year, so it will not clutter your house. Use our holiday decoration storage tips below for an easier packing process!

Holiday Decoration Storage 101

Artificial Christmas Tree

Make sure your tree has some kind of protection going into storage. It can be the box it came in, a tree bag, or some other kind of container. Pack the container with padding so the tree does not knock around get get damaged or lose needles.

Tree Ornaments

Ornaments are fragile and need a certain level of care if you wish for them to make it to another Christmas season. We suggest, at the very least, packing your box of bubble wrap or newspaper to keep them from moving around. You can also wrap glass and highly breakable ornaments individually.

Wrapping Paper & Other Supplies

Keep it all together. You will use it again next year, so why not make it easy on yourself and organize your supplies. Pack it all into a moisture-proof container and keep it safe in your Fairless Hills PA storage unit.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tips from Fairless Hills Self Storage

Consider us your local storage experts. Fairless Hills Self Storage has drive-up and temperature-controlled self storage on Oxford Valley Road. You can call our office or stop by to talk to one of our experts about what kind storage would work best for what you are looking to store. Or you can browse through our available storage units online. Rent or reserve one today for seasonal storage, holiday decoration storage, and much more!