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5 Moving and Storage Supplies To Help You Store

How can you make your move easier? Self storage is an easy and secure option when you need a place to store your belongings. If you need help determining what boxes or storage supplies you will need or how many tape rolls to purchase, Fairless Hills Self Storage can help! Our experts go above and beyond the call for storage, we are here to be a resource for our customers moving and storing in the Fairless Hills PA area.

What Storage Supplies Will You Need?

From which boxes you will need to bubble wrap or newsprint, our office is stocked with tools to help you pack away your belongings.

  1. Rope – Keep stacked boxes from shuffling during transport with a sturdy rope.
  2. Newsprint – A layer of protection will help keep kitchen plates and cups safe while moving.
  3. Boxes – Keep the weight load to the maximum 30lbs for easy lifting and sturdiness of the boxes.
  4. Labels – Keeping organized at the start of your move will help later when it comes time to take boxes out.
  5. Lock – after everything is settled in the storage unit, put a secure lock on the door and keep your peace of mind.

October Charity: How You Can Help!

Kicking off our charity season is our breast cancer awareness merchandise promotion. For every item sold during this month, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Susan G Komen foundation.

Tools For Your Upcoming Move

You may be in the process of planning a move and our storage calculator can help you find a secure place to store your items. Choosing the right storage unit size will set you up for success during a move.

U-Haul’s supply guide can help you get all your storage supplies without overspending on extra boxes and tools you may not need.

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