Get Your Vehicle Winter Ready

The time is now to get your vehicle winter ready! Below is a series of directions to follow to make your car or motorcycle ready to handle anything winter is going to throw at it. Our vehicle storage Fairless Hills PA can use to keep summer transportation safe.

  • Keep the paint looking good as new by getting rid of all the dirt from the past driving season. Furthermore, use a high quality wax to keep any moisture off the freshly detailed car.
  • Using a fuel stabilizer in your gas tank will stop condensation from accumulating during the fluctuating winter weather.
  • Stop unwanted pets like mice and rats from causing damages internally by masking off areas that are open, such as tail pipes.
  • Change all standard fluids to get rid of any sediment that has piled up while driving. Filling the gas tank with a stabilizer will disperse any unnecessary water.
  • Place a plastic tarp under the vehicle to stop water vapors from coming from the ground and rusting out your car.
  • The battery can be taken out and stored in a warm dry area.  As a result, this will keep the battery fully charged and ready for the next drive.
  • Stop the aging of your bushings and shocks on your car by placing the vehicle on stands. Stands are a helpful tool to also keep the tires from getting flat spots.
  • Keeping the parking brake on all winter results in extraneous pressure on the mechanism. The rear brake and brake pads will join if left in constant contact.
  • It is beneficial to use a breathable all weather car cover if storing indoors is not an option. This stops some of the detrimental weather from effecting the exterior of your vehicle.

Don’t let your vehicle deteriorate this winter, choose Fairless Hills PA storage. Contact us for more useful ways to get your vehicle winter ready, we are happy to help.