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How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths

Are you tired of seeing clothes moths in your belongings? Don’t waste any more time and learn how to keep your personal items moth-free. Fairless Hills Self Storage will provide you with a step-by-step process to remove and prevent clothes moths from entering your space.


How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths

Where Are the Moths? 

The first step in the removal process is to identify the moths? Are the moths near your plants, or are they inhabiting your clothes? What type of materials are in these clothes? These questions will help you identify the moths. Clothes moths are attracted to materials such as wool, cashmere, and animal fur. Not only do they inhabit clothing items, but they can also live in blankets, comforters, carpets, rugs, pillows, drapes, and other natural or synthetic fabrics. You may notice small holes in these items after examining them. Clothes moths prefer dark and humid environments. If your space has poor lighting and does not have a ventilation system to keep the humidity level down, it is very that these are contributing factors to your clothes moths issue. If you want to learn more about clothes moths and the type of fabrics they inhabit, click here.

Clean Your Clothes & Space

After the clothes moths are identified, the next step is to eradicate them.
Take time to examine the items that have clothes moths on them and throw away anything that is damaged past the point of repair. For items that can be salvaged, set those aside to be washed. Make sure to check the labels of those items for specific wash instructions. As you sift through your belongings, begin to move items and create a pathway for vacuuming. This will help remove the excess dirt and dust on the floor. Lastly, clean the surfaces of items by using disinfectant wipes.

Prevent Future Clothes Moths 

In order to keep the clothes moths away, it is crucial that you maintain a clean space.
Consolidating and organizing your clothes into airtight bins will limit the clothes moths access to your belongings. Regularly dusting and wiping down the surfaces will help with keeping the space clean. Vacuuming the room a few times per season will also keep the clothes moths away. If the space permits, install lighting and ensure the room has a ventilation system. This promotes a clean moth-free storage environment. If you do happen to notice any clothes moths getting into your belongings, make sure to fully clean the room. A few can linger if they are overlooked.

Fairless Hills Self Storage in Fairless Hills, PA

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