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Pick the Right Storage Unit When You’re Staging a Home

Not sure how to pick the right storage unit when you’re staging a home? When you’re home staging for potential buyers, you have a lot on your mind. As you’re figuring out how to make every square inch of your home look incredible, you’ll no doubt want to invest in a short term self storage unit or long-term self storage solution. This can provide a place for you to store furniture, boxes, knickknacks, memorabilia, equipment and other items.

The key is to picking the best self storage unit for your unique needs and Fairless Hills Self Storage is prepared to help. Find your storage unit online or give us a call to find answers to your storage questions.

What Do You Need to Store?

To figure out the size of your storage unit, you’ll need to know approximately which items you’ll want to put into storage. For instance, if you know you only need to store a few things that don’t take up much room, you’ll want a smaller storage unit. On the other hand, if you’re planning to store half your house, you’ll want at least one spacious self storage unit.

If you’re uncertain as to the right size, you can always begin by taking approximate measurements of the items you’re planning to store. Remember to add any packaging needs into your measurements. For instance, if you have a bedroom suite that you’ll be covering in blankets and tarps, you’ll have to factor those wrappings into your final figures. Similarly, if you plan to purchase shelving for your self storage unit, you’ll have to determine how much the shelving can hold, where it will be located in the storage facility and other considerations.

Visit Local Facilities

While it may seem daunting to imagine how to choose a self storage unit that’s right for your needs, it shouldn’t be a process that stresses you out and uses up more of your time. In fact, you may wish to start your journey by visiting our local Fairless Hills PA self storage facility to gauge your options. From there, you can make the best determinations for you and your family.

Happy home staging and house selling!