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How to Prepare for Winter with Self Storage Tips

Between the summer vacations, the day trips, and time spent outside, summer flew by. Now is the time to get ready for winter with a storage unit at Fairless Hills Self Storage. We have self storage tips to help you swap your gardening tools for the snow shovels, and the pool chemicals for melting salt. Our Fairless Hills PA storage facility has drive up storage units as well as indoor storage options. Talk with us to find the unit that works best for your needs.

Get started with fast self storage tips from the professionals

Self Storage Tips Fairless Hills PA

  • Storing the car? If you plan on leaving the car to sit over winter, take the battery out and place it on a tender and top off fluids.
  • Plastic patio furniture can become brittle and faded after a season in the sun. Make it look like new with a fresh coat of paint. If it is to brittle, recycle the plastic and get a new set before next year.
  • Wicker and wood items can be treated the same when cleaning. Soap and water will lift most dirt and grim, but for stubborn stains, use vinegar.
  • Label boxes of clothes so you stay organized and know exactly which box to open when you are searching for something mid-season.
  • Mold and mildew will grow on damp equipment, so make sure all inflatables, skimmers, and similar items, are fully dry before winter storage.
  • We take prevenative methods to keep rodents out, help us by keeping food and items used for cooking clean.
  • After sitting for a few months, the lawn mower can be slow to start. So, to ensure a speedy start in the spring, drain the gas tank, clean off debris, and top of the oil.

Has we say goodbye to the hazy days of summer, Fairless Hills Self Storage is here to help you store your belongings. When you have questions about storing for winter, our storage experts will guide you in the right direction. Find a drive up storage unit or temperature controlled storage option at our Fairless Hills PA facility.

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