Is Temperature Controlled Storage Best for Business?

Indoor storage and your business, a perfect pair. When you add temperature controlled storage to your must have list, you will be able to relax a little more. Fairless Hills Self Storage is getting ready for the hazy days of summer by showing you how easy storing your business can be.

There are many industries using our extra space as a second supply closet or document stock room. Get back to enjoying your summer with the help of our experts and Fairless Hills PA storage solutions we share with you.

Temperature Controlled Storage Fairless Hills PA

Is your office to cramped or has your family out grown your current residence? Realtors are in high demand during summer and this summer is no different. They are there to answer all your questions and help you make a positive move. If your realtor is recommending a storage unit for your belongings, stop by our facility to find a storage space you trust.

One way to take on the latest move is with  a few staging ideas. Paint the walls, rearrange furniture, and box up what you are not using. All these things can be done before you plan the first open house. After going through each room packing, move everything to storage.

Since hot days are in the near future, temperature controlled has its benefits. Some pieces of furniture sweat when changing from extreme cold to hot. If you store where the degrees stay in the same range all year long, nothing fluctuates and your materials are ready to move in at a moments notice.

Self storage and other businesses

  • Bakeries
  • Professional Stagers
  • Mechanics
  • Movers

Get your office space in order before new clients arrive. Listen to your realtor when they see a few spacial improvements that can be made. Talk with an expert at Fairless Hills Self Storage about all the good our Fairless Hills PA temperature controlled storage units can do.