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How Do You Know Which Storage Unit You Need?

Summer means vacations, relaxation, and possibly moving, do you know where you are storing your gear? Fairless Hills Self Storage in Fairless Hills, PA has the experts to guide you through the process. Besides packing and labeling everything you also need to choose the right size storage unit. With our help and the sizing chart below you will be set to move right in.

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Temperature Controlled

Keeping your items safe and unharmed is our main mission. One way you can protect everything is with a temperature controlled unit. With a controlled temperature your items stay looking like the first day they went in the storage unit. Beat the summer heat and winter chill with our highly recommended temperature controlled units.

5×10: Walk-in Closet

Upgrade from our smallest 5×5 unit into a walk-in closet size. There is plenty of room for the home office and a few packing boxes. Your TV, queen size mattress and bed frame will not be cramped in this unit.

10×15: Ideal for Large Items

Need a place for the big appliances? The washer and dryer can be cumbersome and hard to store. With our 10×15 size you’ll have enough space to keep both appliances plus a few other large items.

20×25: Storing the Whole House

Are you traveling this summer? If you want to stay worry free on your extended trip move your items to our largest unit. There is room for all the big appliances, moving boxes and anything you need to store.

You have all the help you need to make a positive Fairless Hills PA storage experience with us. Bring your belongings to the professionals at Fairless Hills Self Storage and let us assist you every step of the way.