Local Storage And Tips For Back To School

The time of year where a busy schedule is the main factor in your life is back. Back to school season has returned, and our local storage in Fairless Hills PA is here to help you prepare for it. With being able to provide you and your family extra space around the house, your seasonal gear will be safe and secure at Fairless Hills Self Storage until next season. Also, we have tips for your house that will get you and your kids ready for a new year at school. Check out the various ways our local self storage units are able to help with the back to school season.

Outdoor Equipment Storage

  1. Make sure you air out tents and sleeping bags from your last adventure before placing them in storage.
  2. When getting ready to store your gas-powered lawn care items there are a few steps that you must take. (1) Fill the gas tank to full and add fuel additive. (2) Fill the tires completely with air. (3) Change the oil.
  3. Organize your camping items into clear boxes or containers. After, label the boxes on the outside with items found within.
  4. Take advantage of the large storage units we offer to place your kayaks and canoes in. This will prevent the items from damage due to severe weather.
  5. For when you put your bike away for a few months here are some tips to help store it. (1) Clean the bike of all dirt and debris. (2) Lube the chains and all cables. (3) Inflate the tires, so flat spots do not form.

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Organizing Your Home

Planning meals and trying to coordinate everyone’s schedules is what the back to school season is all about. Get organized quickly with some helpful tips!

  1. Have your morning be stress-free with a family station. Keep work bags, backpacks, and reminders for your children all in one spot they can see.
  2. Plan your dinners in advance. Planning and prepping your meals for the week before the week even starts will save you time and money.
  3. Create and post a daily routine illustrated checklist on your kid’s bedroom wall. This will help them get into a morning and bedtime routine.
  4. Layout your children’s clothes for the week with their help. This eliminates last-minute indecisions.
  5. Construct a fun homework station for your kids which allows them to concentrate. A pop-down table in their bedroom or a trifold that you can customize are both great options.

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Fairless Hills Self Storage is the local storage option for you during the back to school season. Our indoor and outdoor storage units are the solutions to storing your seasonal summer gear to allow some extra room in your home. Even though the joyous summer may be over you can move your seasonal valuables into local storage in Fairless Hills PA, with who you trust to keep your items fully secure at Fairless Hills Self Storage.

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