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Sharing a Storage Unit With Friends or Family Members

Maybe you have a few items that could be put into storage, but you just don’t need a whole storage unit for yourself.  What are you going to do?  For many people, the answer is simple: sharing a storage unit with friends or family members will help cut costs. This is a very practical – not to mention cost-effective – solution, although it can have its pitfalls if all parties aren’t careful about going into the partnership with their eyes wide open.  The key to avoiding any problems is by making sure everyone understands the rules before they agree to share the facility.

Some guidelines that can make this type of arrangement work magnificently include:

  • Getting everyone who will be sharing the storage unit to agree in writing to their share of the unit’s rent.  Determine how the rent is going to be paid as well.  For instance, is everyone going to give rent to one individual in the group?  Or will the storage facility accept checks from each person?  Whose name will be on the storage unit contract?
  • Visiting a few storage units to see which one will fit your group’s needs best.  Storage units vary in terms of location, size, cost, etc.  Be frank with one another; this is no time to hold back if you prefer one place over another.
  • Determining how much space each individual will have.  If some people need more space than others, they should pay more of the rent.  After the storage unit has been chosen, it’s a good idea to make a diagram indicating where each person’s items can go.
  • Making a list of everyone who has access to the storage unit.  Most individuals share their keys or key codes with others.  Each person who is entrusting their property to be safe in the storage unit should be aware of who can come and go.

Certainly, there’s more than a little bit of trust involved in this type of situation.  Still, arrangements such as these can be highly successful if everyone is on the same page.  Talk with our storage experts about sharing a storage unit and what you need to do.