Simple Staging With the Help of Our Storage Space

Can staging your home before you sell impact the sale? Whether you are looking for a speedy sale or want to get the most bang for your buck, staging shows the best features of your house. A little extra storage space can help you clear out some storage areas before the buyer arrives. Most of the time as one house is being sold, you are searching for another. This is another way our storage units in Fairless Hills PA can make the process easier. Start with the simple tips below.

Fairless Hills PA storage space

Clear Out

Take a good look at your belongings and decide if anything can get packed early or donated. Moving furniture to storage will speed up the moving process and create an open floor plan, which is what most people want to see when visiting a new home. Impress them with decorations that are simple and clean. Give your potential buyers a chance to see their belongings here, so simplify the amount of decorations you have out. Use seasonal items to give some color, such as flowers or candles.

Fast Tips

Tidy up each morning before you head out the door. Straightening up will put your mind at ease in case a showing happens when you can not be there. A regular weekly clean is best to get those hard to reach spots in the bathroom and kitchen. Have a small room? Fix it by adding a mirror. The reflective surfaces gives the illusion of a larger area. Plants will also brighten a room up in seconds.

Staging Outside

Go through the shed, organizing or storing items you will not need for the season. Lawn ornaments and holiday decorations can be moved to storage, this is one less thing you will need to move later.

Finding a dream home is tricky but when your belongings are safe and sound you can focus on what is best for your family. Fairless Hills Self Storage is here to assist you when it comes time to move, when you need storage space, or when you ran out of packing supplies. Stop in to get all the storage tools you need.