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Tackle Garage Organization With These 5 Ways

Tackle Garage Organization With These 5 Ways

Are you looking for creative ways to tackle your garage organization for the upcoming spring weather? Fairless Hills Self Storage has some organizational ideas for your garage that will make your life a little less stressful. Use these five brilliant ideas to make the most of your storage space.

Organizations Ideas For Garage

  1. Store lawn care items near the garage door. It will help with easy access to all the tools when you were working on your yard.
  2. Use a pegboard or vertical shelves to maximize your wall space. It will help you save precious floor space to park your car.
  3. A good storage system is the foundation of each organized garage. It involves some type of shelving unit. You can install already built cabinets to buy old school lockers on eBay for a low cost. Assign each cabinet or locker to each family member.
  4. Create tool kits for all the different kinds of tools with the help of toolboxes and divided containers. Separate all plumbing tools in one toolbox and all electrical supplies in another.
  5. If you have loads of smaller tools like screwdrivers or drill bits, you can easily make a place for them. Use the leftover wood from your latest project and secure the piece of wood in front of your workbench, making it easily accessible and organized. In addition, you can use small magnet strips on your workbench.

Storing in Fairless Hills PA

Talk to our storage experts at Fairless Hills Self Storage about more organizing and storing needs. Moreover, If you cannot fit all of your personal belongings in the garage, we have storage units ranging from 5×5 to 20×26. All units are temperature controlled so that you can store anything from a yard tool to any of your big furniture.

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